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Below is a brief introduction of myself

My name is Muhammed AL HAMADI (MPhil, MA, BA, TEFLA)

I am happily married, with two children: Susan and Sammy.

Currently, we live in Strasbourg, France.

I was educated in Syria and the UK.

In Syria, I read for my BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature at Aleppo University.

In the UK, I read for my MPhil and TEFLA Certificate at Swansea University in South Wales.

I also read for my MA at Essex University.

I am bilingual: Arabic and English.

I also have basic knowledge in French and Welsh.

I have taught English at schools and universities in three countries: Syria, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia.

I have taught a wide range of nationalities: Arab, English, Jewish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Welsh.

I have taught people from the age of 16 and above.

Following are the main positions I have filled during my over than four decades of teaching English Language and Literature, together with my achievements:

University Tutor in English for Academic Purposes: Pre-sessional Reading & Writing

Corporate Tutor in General and Business English plus ESP

University Assistant Lecturer in English Language and Literature

University Associate Lecturer in English & Social Sciences

Tutor in ASOL, EAP, ESOL, , TOEFL TOEIC, IELTS, GCSE, 'A' Levels English Literature, Freelance Translator, Interpreter, Proofreader in Arabic-English-Arabic

Author of English Language Training Coursebooks

Author of Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages Coursebooks

Compiler of English Language Training Materials

Supervisor, English Language Training Programme

Acting Manager, English Language Training Unit

Consultant in Middle Eastern Business Etiquette

Teaching, Research and Service Philosophy

A) Empowering the Learner: Cooperative and Collaborative Learning Methods

My Teaching, Research and Service Philosophy can be summed up in three words: empowering the learner.

During my more than four decades of teaching English as a Foreign Language, the word “teaching” was found to be inadequate to describe the complexity of the learning process. There had been a progressive shift of the learning process from the “teacher” to the learner. The teacher is no more than a person who guides the learner through the labyrinth of language acquisition, so to speak. It is a matter of making the appropriate learning tools available to the learners, who in turn use them to learn what they need. There is a Chinese proverb which says:

‘Instead of catching a fish for me every day, show me how to fish.’ How true!

I had compiled and taught a one-week course on email and telex writing for Saudi Arabian Airlines staff in the light of the above paragraph.

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