English as a Medium of Instruction in European Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe and the UK

Over the past few decades, European universities have increasingly switched to teaching in English rather than in the local language, whether French, Spanish, Dutch, etc. Researchers have been quick to respond to this phenomenon, with most work to date focusing on the consequences of this shift for linguistic justice, educational inequality, professional disadvantage and cultural homogenization.

This project seeks to get behind English as a Medium of Instruction to explore the causes of why it comes about. We also explore the challenges and opportunities associated with English as a Medium of Instruction, and what it means not only for Europe but for the UK in a post-Brexit era.

We are a team of one Principal Investigator, four Post-Doctoral Research Associates (two yet to be recruited), four project advisors and four European and UK stakeholders.

The project is funded by UK Research and Innovation (2020-2024) under a Future Leaders Fellowship awarded to Professor Anna Kristina Hultgren (Grant Ref: MR/T021500/1).